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Sterling Silver Single Ear Cuff

$ 24.00

Solid sterling silver single earcuff.

This attractive ear cuff is formed from sterling silver beaded wire that has been hand formed and sanded for comfort; then lightly polished for a soft shine.

Simple, yet chic, this unusual little silver beaded cuff catches the eye without being overpowering.
This is Ideal for anyone without pierced ears, or for a nice addition to your look if you do.

Sold as a single.

To wear: Just fit it over the thin part of the back of your ear then slide it down to where your ear gets wider.

* sturdy construction- the wire (bead) thickness is approximately 2mm (see measurement photos).

* If you need to enlarge it slightly, you can (carefully) widen it by pulling apart the back curves ever so slightly, taking care not to distort the design. The BEST way to enlarge the opening is to slide it over a pen or a paint brush as in photo 3 and gently push it down.

Photos and content © K Davis Studios

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