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Gold Ear Cuff Single, Triple Band

$ 23.00

14 gold filled single three band earcuff.

This small ear cuff is made from a single piece of 14k yellow gold filled wire. It's formed into three bands; then curved into this elegant earcuff. The ends have been buffed smooth for comfort in wearing.

Sold as a single.  If you would like a pair, choose a quantity of two at checkout.

This is an wonderful option for anyone without pierced ears, or a nice little addition if you do.
Just fit it over the thin part of the top / back of your ear then slide it down to where your ear gets wider.

Cuff is approximately 10 mm in diameter.

* If you need to enlarge it slightly, the best way to do so is to slide it over a pen or a paint brush and gently push it down.

© K Davis Studios

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