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Silver Ear Cuff with Peridot Drop

$ 22.00

Single sterling silver small swirl ear cuff with peridot drop.

Made from sterling silver wire, carefully hand fashioned, then lightly forged into this attractive swirled ear cuff. Sanded smooth for comfort and to impart a satin sheen.
It curves comfortably around your ear and is accented with a mini peridot briolette wrapped in delicate sterling silver wire.

This ear cuff is sold as a single.  If you want a pair, please choose a quantity of two at checkout.

A perfect accessory if you don’t have pierced ears, or for an extra accent to your look if you do.

Easy to wear:  Just fit it over the thin part of the back of your ear then slide it down to where your ear gets wider.

* If you need to enlarge it slightly, you can carefully widen it by pulling apart the back curves ever so slightly, taking care not to distort the design. The best way to enlarge the opening is to slide it over a pen or a paint brush and gently push it down.

© K Davis Studios

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